Maps can only do so much. They just don’t tell you what a place will really look like.

Northern Neck, Virginia – surrounded by the Potomac River to the north, the Rappahannock River to the south, the Fall Line in the west, and the Chesapeake Bay in the east – might look appealing to some map readers. But what does it really look like?

JMV FRVA  takes us on video tours of many of Northern Neck’s tranquil roadways – with the help of maps before each journey. As the author states, “rush hour traffic is never an issue down here” – a great reason to visit! (Aside from biking, hiking, RVing, swimming, boating, fishing, and history hunting.)

If you’re going to drive to Northern Neck, you’re going to traverse some bridges. Whether it’s over the Potomac or the Rappahannock, or over the many creeks and inlets that give Northern Neck its unique character. These days, it’s relaxation and sporting that attract people to the surrounding waters. But in the old days hundreds of years ago these waterways provided the means for sending valuable tobacco to the mother country, England.

If it’s history you want, you can get it in this region. But with H.B. Elkins’ video of the area’s many bridges, you’re gonna get a soundtrack featuring Black Sabbath. Enjoy!!

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