Tangier Island, Virginia, in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay, has been getting more attention of late with news reports about rising waters and climate change threatening the island.

While Tangier probably won’t disappear in the next few years, it is a unique place that deserves to be experienced. Cable tv and the internet arrived in 2010, only a few automobiles are used (golf carts and bicycles work better), and major shopping is accomplished on eastern shore Maryland. It’s a life centered on crabbing and oystering.

These might not be aspects of life that most people would want, but it’s certainly something that many people want for a vacation – to “get away from it all.”

Here are two videos that Romiyo readers might like to watch. The first is by MisterLucas4 and describes a family visit to Tangier by boat from Reedville on the tip of Virginia’s Northern Neck peninsula. You’ll learn quite a lot from this informative video.

Most people arrive on Tangier the same way – via boat. Tangier Cruises offers daily service from¬†historic Reedville, the “center of the largest fishing industry in the United States.” You could also try reaching the island from Eastern Shore Maryland.

Alternatively – fly!! Yes, it’s not the option most people would take, but here’s a way to do it virtually, through Gabriel Muller’s fantastic video:

Photo credit: baldeaglebluff via Foter.com / CC BY-SA

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