Why Romiyo?

Romiyo is about travel “information and inspiration” – I&I. I&I means experiences – we don’t book flights or hotels.

We believe the best travel advice comes from those who have been there (or lived there) and done that. Not from “travel experts” who happen to have a platform funded by ad dollars.

No Menus: Search for What You Want

Just key in what you’d like: We don’t believe in pre-set travel menus, because your interests come first. As we get started, we are only focusing on Virginia. As we grow, we’ll enable users to create accounts so we can suggest destinations and experiences based on your profile.

There are too many travel bloggers out there whose voices should be more widely heard. And, lots of I&I is shared on private networks like Facebook, inaccessible to the world. We aim to connect users with those experiences.

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